Bad Lawn?

Wowza, it’s hot out there! Remember, your lawn needs about an inch of rain/water per month so it doesn’t die. It will still be brown, but like in the “Princess Bride” it will only be mostly dead. It needs an inch a week to stay green. And you can get all of your watering tools at...well, you know where!
Weeds, bald spots, and generally lousy lawn: see us, ‘cause we know what to do.

No Sweat! No Shopping Aerobics!

Not only do you not have to walk miles to find what you want (AKA: big box store) but Beechwold Hardware is now…drum roll please… AIRCONDITIONED!


We are thinking of adding staff, particularly on weekends. The ideal candidate will have worked the retail end of an ACE store recently. A handyman who has worked retail of some sort is the next “best fit”. We can teach some “retail” to the right friendly person. And we can teach some “handyman” skills to the right person. But I doubt we can do both. So if you like talking to (LOTS) of people, can rewire a lamp, know where a seat washer goes, know at least a little more about plumbing the what direction water flows, can grow grass (the lawn type) and always dip the bristle end of a paint brush first, stop in and see us.
Oh, and it would be cool. Beechwold is now AIRCONDITIONED!

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Welcome to Beechwold Hardware

Beechwold Hardware serves the unique needs of the Clintonville-Beechwold area with hard to find items for older homes as well as the latest equipment and supplies for new renovations. Friendly, knowledgeable staff are always available to provide personalized customer service as well as advice on the project you're working on. We provide a wide variety of specialized items in the quantities you want.

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